Only The Blameless


Only the blameless may tread this way safe

For upon me I am bound to show up your face

If you harbour fault hidden in disgrace

Most of all the fault of seeking to blame

Why how and what for I carry the name

Babylon now already fallen I am the same

And all who upon me have laid their blame

Became why it be possible that anti-christ I forgave

And all he did in having done me into Babylon’s grave

Be every death we have ever died and his the exact same

Yet be it not I who needed make that this plain

But all who upon me believed he as if I in his grave

That the lesson of all those who walk this way

Be your every fault shown up as he tries and fails but maimed

And the consequence of Heaven became the grave paved

Yet if entrapped here and you seek nothing of fame

Your carriage not built upon any acclaim

Find that by Moonlight the road through I have paved

Will yet let true innocence through a real righteous way

In the mind of anyone who seeks only casting no blame


In the red doth medicine yellow disease bed

Yet dire the disaster if not already after

Applying white medicine unto neutralise disease blue

And applied already black medicine upon disease red fact

That thus hereafter only when you succeed

Without blue red and yellow disease

Find yellow the medicine was ever that weed

Of deadly relationship with blacker disease

Than yellow as solution could ever have been

Being presumed as the answer which all who blamed here did seek

That be returned through red into the blue of disease

My message for all who my warning can’t heed

Only the blameless tread this way safe

Of secret order asserted in place

To be blameless need us never cast blame

As Jesus upon Cross we all will one day

Only the blameless can pass this way


He Did Me Taught Naught


wrote this poem earlier today out of a dream and I think it might be becoming something of a youtube video eventually


He Did Me Taught Naught


Because “new” is not “knew”

And “no” is not “know”

Yet both are examples

Of how willing we show

Up how the animals

Tend to lead by the nose

And thus ought we also

Become because I am not who knows


And if what knows had known

How men confused what nose

Upon which beast they fancied their hose

With how indeed will yet know

The worth of all who the seed sow

In each germ made the same

As how by algae our collective brain

Might well every day

Wish each scumbag away

From human minded play

In evolution’s trajectory today


Include every worm please

With whom we share DNA

And a pleasure be the worm’s fees

Charging us all quite constantly

With our own need we believe

Well in their own neat little being

Since every sweet dickhead breathing

Upon his best mate’s anus no neat thing

The self hate as if a complete ring

Was forgetting DNA’s best lesson is

Of what we share with worms being

The direction of flow and difference between

The mouth and the anus please read from

Me these words I said “NO” nothing goes in

The wrong direction by love


And what did tell no

The thing new word will write

While some of the sum be

Nothing of someone is ever what

And the whole sum never got

Out of the strife lacking life

In how he did me taught naught


That to renew anything need the whole sum

While accounted only in part never won

Some things lingering on in among

Us all who believe in ourselves all the more

Whenever what hopes love obeys law

And every new word can have no knowledge more

While what needed a lot

Of help many from with what

Words is why the “no” in mine

About my own asshole since

Their “know” upon I do not

And can not because

From ignorance came what

Also knows sounds like nose

And well that’s an awful lot of

Noses I don’t know

Yet knowing the entheogen Pituri will show


Since whatever opium’s lie was

Pituri will prove at the ground of

Forever what lives is never this

And something of opium’s false gain was how

In the sky Pituri is Earth’s cleanest high

While the man who imagined me he had taught

By his own hand through me knew naught

Neither became newer by his haughty style

Since his word games all were having lied

About how clean my sky

And why my every new words

Be how in language infants acquire

Every infant can have heard

And every adult will engage

In taf-sihr this parenthood’s day

Yet neither upon my mother will any of his play

The man who did me taught naught

And still now refuses to pay


Is found out in his foul play

For having prevents his own name

Being how Pituringa is re-opening today

And Pituri will again be the way

Deaths by cancer can have no more game

Unto all of those who have known

The false victory one man did sow

Of his own loss now also the throne

Better than to have accepted his game shown

Since as if by his methodology be

How medicinal plants became illicit and

Why developed the cordiality in me


That all who are curious to find

Will find as they seek and need as they meet

A mother a daughter a lover of life

An exorcist of addictions if ere in need of the strife

And at bottom line a wife

I might well be a bore

Yet have no doubt left in store

I stand among the poor

And beg not what for

That hat hath at

Nobody’s mind became fallen too flat.

“Plucking Oats” in Babylon’s Fall


(same poem also linked here)


Plucking Oats” Accord Normal Babylon’s Fall

My life is somewhat defined by

The cordiality of abnormality in accord now why

I find I am aligned with Lion’s roar

When first a lion’s leg the Sphinx sure

The world got itself done as it is poor

All now becoming normal more because

Jesus new creation being my only way for

Thereby every man his win in death as well as life


Even into the great feat of sanity

In this predicament of being such as me

And might seem well long beyond grasp

When one’s feed was that fears might at last

Since the feel of fear was not enough feel of

Whatever anything might best something because


We don’t say more what “f%*king oath” swore

Because who will score be plucking oats sure

While wheat renders the word far far too absurd

And milk got spilled on the quilt of lore

Nevertheless Logos withstands multiple languages all

Of our ridiculous rhymes in time poor

Rendered thus by monetary worth will the joke of my words

Float no boat not as absurd

As money’s joke float is as I heard


And its “coco poop coat” became a “photo kook poke”

And no bloke with a joke needed that fire stoke

Since money’s new boat won’t float any poet

And un-poetic will be each and every grope

As the whore is letting go of the nation state’s throat

Since that photo kook poke honored no oar

That rowed no boat neither bumped the fish roe

And yet the joke floats plucking oats

Ever since at Rotunda in Pomona I first wrote

That stranger poem somehow lesser known

Than as each witch which might have flown

And into worth somewhat unusually now grown

That undid every stitch by each bitch woven


And I can’t help but think myself his loss

Can’t help but think what might have been

Had he happened perceive I can’t be his boss

But too bad was no loss for the righteous win

And so if since I know now who it was he did with

A lot of nasty air did it was possible without despair

Anybody dream reality backwards and cover their tracks with

That and my fact I assert my only input into imposed

Was that backwards dreams could never be thrones

Neither in reality real outcomes even supposedly shown

But by his hand doing my done deeds I know

And will now well then be below

As I regretfully inform you all

That since he blamed all of those who need

That strange contrivance he seed of the backwards dream

And was himself apparently

Without any such need as he did seed

In germs that germinate disease

Unless of longer ago than I cared believe

Being many life times since

Babel towered while I became unconvinced

Back before the life of Moses it was when

That man in the wrong now since his

Unworthy need did do me himself now unto

Him in this life’s bodily deeds

Bowing unto all that which precede

My regret be now only the need

I inform accurately whose belief

Was that all blamed upon him falls upon me myself since

He never could believe that I will neither blame you

As I do not blame him for how he imagined I his deeds did do

That it fell to me perceive exactly how he did do


Maybe why in a Vietnamese sky

Here where meets the Earth’s life in my

Words might be how I have dreamed

And why in dreams the Americans believed

Their failure when invading was worth that seed

When all they and we fought there to be

Able within ourselves in truth to believe

Was that by opium’s means will

The Earth herself demonstrate her need

And humanity fall ill with diseases

Around how on Earth the American thieves

Worked to source the way not to believe

In Islam’s origin and prophesy

Heaven knows why they sought

How to avoid among Vietnamese

Whose know how of opium’s belief

Is one thousand and one nights be

The exact length of time given

All through every night so smitten

By every story the addict in recovery will need


And this one unfolds now

Via the linguistics lesson that be how

I learned within myself still now

Is a distant ancestral feel

For the grammar indigenous to me

Belonging this land soundly

The ergative and nominative both out

And with land’s meanings told aloud

Both mother’s and father’s trace found

In youth studying I was proud


When my mind found truly great relief

Being taught the grammar defining my own belief

Relieved in understanding no thief

Claiming to own my land could steal

My ability communicate true feel

Frustrated about in English please shout

These words assemble into only the absurd now


Yet while what stumped further my pride

In having found how true talk life

Happened one day at the station train came

After what before stung all the more shame

When grog sick girls indigenous as well

As dark appearing and in distress behaving

Called out in fear scaring all who near

Their aggression towards other girls African because

(No reason can be found for sure

Yet in African languages girls spoke certain

Of who they are within themselves

And thus how to learn)

While English speaking indigenous girls shouted out

“Speak English”, “youse live in Australia now”,

“SPEAK English!” called out the resentment of indigenous fame

Not yet knowing in youth how to process such shame

As not having true language retained


And I worried my brain feeling their pain

Hearing false meanings in further words girls swore in vain

Knowing how men ought hold stronger the shame

In the words that name girl’s private body’s same

As such words are indeed the men’s to have retained

Within the culture of indigenous Australia

Had once a man

Not too far from that station before then had

One such man gave me of his language for this my own body

That I know this is the way and had yet hope

All girls will learn this is our female yoke

As women we will never have of spoke

And even to this very day I don’t

While I worry away about youth today


Who get given computers with to play

As though children could the language control

And may to the end with every adult’s day

Yet belief of mind heart and act directed fact and fart

Swings neat against this my worry and that is that for my part

There maybe no point in this poem’s path yet

My pen writes here “nevertheless”

Of why poetry’s worth will moderate the internet


For every traditional metaphor is

Necessary in communication and

Accurate spatial contemplation

And if English is the only set

Of words I in body have known

The loss be too great

Without all metaphors instated

Into that context by which

We have had our children educated

The internet needing such as every metaphor since

Without insanity each head condensed

Into total incapacity by which

The horizon beckons yet

In need of more than drugs to get


Every surface between solid and gaseous

Is where Earth reaches up into Heaven’s guts

Demanding nothing but what science had

Held open how from every lesson known

We each got given strong from Jesus throne

In experiential reality solid matter driven

Defining how super-ego and id

The unconscious gets smitten with

Combinations and permutations of what

May awaken each conscious minute of

What when lessons alike these combine in one mind

Who knows what God will next in me find

But perhaps that if thinking flatter

When one surface reflects the other

As the sea of the sky

And every computer screen might my

Vision of the horizon hold no need cry

Knowledge of sihr underlie reason why


Addicts have kicked the habit all the more by

Use of computers but those who could not now die

And what is why I ask you no more define

Every English word except in paper dictionary by

And run no tricks through the internet since

Those that are of opium abused even this

Yet opium was the fool who imagined nothing did it

And American military traded into how dark folks commune

Upon finding all they could fighting under Vietnamese moon

Was about how to fool men into false belief

Around who it be who does what was that belief

That just as Black Panthers fell to American Gangsters

And indigenous Australian men now addicted beyond belief

To the plant’s falsehood spun around their own grief

Will computers yet solve such as by deed resolve

And re-invigorate the metaphor ancient we know

And if we can not these English words might not

Survive Vietnamese horizon define


One thousand and one night all mine

And all of how and why also why and how

Align now behind will every even the silly old cow

Whose God awful rhymes were never styled for you to find

But whose gripe with the word “the” be here well timed

To offset naught but that which pronounced might bind

How there never was no one “the her” without my fee

No “the one” not your only her female hurt heard she

And still just here might forever be near where her

Will that the one fee be given away justly

Unto those few Angels among men who need

Being Pestilence War Famine and Death the one his deed

And only two helpers he ever yet had need

Unto Munkar and Nunkeer may they have no need fret

Over all the war between now and when

Krishna bows unto Arjuna’s mercy again


The cordiality of abnormality in accord now why

I find I am aligned with the Lion’s roar

Since first the lion’s legs rendered Sphinx unsure

And the world got itself done as it is unto all who are poor

While professions winced about how amateurs will think

All now becoming normal all the more since because

Jesus new creation being our only way ever from

Thereby every man his wife won without strife his love



4th Post


One Thousand Year Real Feel

What will you would up

From having begun above

That substance willing enough

Ensure behavioural correspondence

With all God is and does done

Might there not have been enough

Without Jesus redemptive love

Instructing and teaching us

Of how nerves go down

And are crossed around about

How whatever was out of touch

Since evermore the sort of stuff

Of some things being real

And something else not yet we feel

And the sum of enough they steal

Felt evermore enough will he all

Those years while I one more

The account alike

The anti-christ’s trite

Be each opium misuser’s gripe

Upon my floor

And one more willing door

Depending upon Pituri’s score

Being opium’s only uncertain

Stability within Earth’s core

For as something else wipes clear

Whatever wrong was held dear

In Pituri’s exotic ways near

Never whatever yet evermore

Might opium’s nevermore score

Of all that else was opium’s self

Seeding Pituri’s need for

Every fact willing you

Walk into mother nature’s door

One Thousand Nights and One More

The story I have is told sure

Of his one thousand year account all

Feeling how I accounted him poor

Since he made reality my call

And I need Jesus myself ensure

God’s will in Eternity is evermore

Two of my Many Strange Ways of Processing the Foul Mood of my Timed Fool


Coco’s Intelligent Interest


Integrate internet illustrated
Wish he will fit
Black Islam it
One Love insufficient id
Two ignoble in
No incomprehensible ill
Four imagined if
Land into ink
That iterated integer I am is Ohm
While white ignite illustrated illumin...


Interminable Love In


and then, now, whenever......ow....
something else got found out,
to have been more than ever,
itself a hilarious result in how,
up in the air, down on the ground there,
in inside intelligence in introspection of
elemental in environmental into
inwards internal interest in is out of in itself and in in.

Second Post

you could try clicking on three words below,  if you are ready and willing to have your concept of the reality of fast cars and big cities challenged , and if not ready, I advise against clicking on and reading what is linked below

Might  as  well,  believe  less  than  as  I  tell,  unless  your  'All'  and  'Might',  be  by  One  Almighty  God,  whose  will  divine  guides  my  mind,  inform  you  not  of,  why  all  lives  lived  mine  are  because . . .

because  .  .  .

BECAUSE   .   .   .

.   .   .  NOTHING  EVER  MIGHT  AS  WELL  HAVE  BEEN  FOR  NAUGHT,  and  yet  the  fallacy  that  to  tempt  can  get,

what  any  body  ever  had  of,

in  true  God  given  Cause

First Post


 I, . . . don’t know.

. . . don’t know if I need quite as many widgets as are here, so as to let you share my online story, and neither do I know how I managed to put so many here, however, here there are widgets for sharing which perhaps will be less in future…

. . . don’t know if you have any interest whatsoever in learning my story…

. . . and yet it seems to be that this story wants to assert itself in spite of me being who lives it, and disgruntled somewhat by having to be reminded to let nice safe folks know what happened.

I don’t know why I am in need of learning how to construct a website,…   and as this particular website is still under construction,…   and I neither know what it is going to be used for eventually,…   and even though I have begun this build,…   (and might be just a bit too attached to the idea of a theme that lets a paralax animation on top of a video),…  and this website will soon enough become somewhat more relevant than it is now, I guess,…(and is already at least more straight forward),…   I yet think I could perhaps re-direct you to the first website I built, linked here.