As if for the sake

Of avoiding game at stake

The anti-christ warned me

Myself he wished to hate

And then proceeded to impose

Alcoholic beverages as though

If drunk enough I could let

Another bash me at his behest

Yet his warning held in my esteem

As himself readying to come clean

And the alcohol in time sent back

To previous incarnation, I have this knack

By what he caused I know will all

Who need to follow One God’s law

Find his debt against the wall

Of Babylon’s accidental fall

When I thought my fall to he

Might as well be spelt DMT

But need not expect you trust

My poetry to try your luck

At online button pressing

I’ll not stand too much undressing

But will lie down and reveal

If only my word you do not steal

When men have said that others disapproved of their use of entheogenic substance, were it that others the Church, or atheist, or Holy above the modern Western-Euro-centric Church form, those believing themselves disapproved of, merely indicated that they were depending upon a delusion of being disapproved of, and have feared for themselves of Christ. Yet Christ forgives, and enough Christians find his hand in control of entheogenic experiences, as that we need no fear of. And none need disapprove of any other’s drugs, but rather we are held accountible by our behaviour, whether straight or stoned, it is our behaviour which defines our ability to avoid harm. Anybody seeking help to prevent themselves from behaving detrimentally towards anybody else, is welcome ask this of Love. Many more are crucified upon the cross of entheogenic substances than who will name the experience Christian, yet when we are called Christian within the experience, Love silences every lesser perception, and true Christians among the users of entheogenic substances, (drugs!), hold dominant voice in silent majority, able ignore the few who shout out, “but we had an experience too”.  Of course you have all experienced what is true to you.  Yet with Christ I am experiencing his divinity is making me inviolate akin he.  If it is I prefer I will need less and less of all kinds of substances human beings have depended upon too far, God’s love is why. If it is I prefer substances that are narcotic need better less mention than I have mentioned, all is well.


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