First Post


 I, . . . don’t know.

. . . don’t know if I need quite as many widgets as are here, so as to let you share my online story, and neither do I know how I managed to put so many here, however, here there are widgets for sharing which perhaps will be less in future…

. . . don’t know if you have any interest whatsoever in learning my story…

. . . and yet it seems to be that this story wants to assert itself in spite of me being who lives it, and disgruntled somewhat by having to be reminded to let nice safe folks know what happened.

I don’t know why I am in need of learning how to construct a website,…   and as this particular website is still under construction,…   and I neither know what it is going to be used for eventually,…   and even though I have begun this build,…   (and might be just a bit too attached to the idea of a theme that lets a paralax animation on top of a video),…  and this website will soon enough become somewhat more relevant than it is now, I guess,…(and is already at least more straight forward),…   I yet think I could perhaps re-direct you to the first website I built, linked here.

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