Video made in 2015, of a poem written in 2010.


Here is another video.  The blurb about this second video here, which I wrote for youtube, states “This video is a Poem reading. The poem is longer than my usual long poems, more boring, but also it is the most overt of all my poems, at pointing to the external worldly events, which many of my poems are referring to, somewhat shy of stating. If you listen to this story told in a poem, you may well understand what causes me be shy of stating the facts.”  I still feel shy about this one.  Shy of placing it into my website.  I felt very resistent to making it as well. Shy writing the poem, and reading it, and most of all shy about showing it to anybody. And contemplating these facts now, I realise one man in particular, an anonymous good guy in the background, may well have thwarted the bad guy man who does my wolrdy facts most days of the year, and since that man I keep complaining about the doings done of, seems to have become thwarted for a change, when usually he was thwarting all others, I begin to understand me being shy in this context.  I am shy in part, for a different man whose Spiritual guidance helped me out here, before he passed away in 2015.  It feels almost too terrifying to place this here, and yet all the evidence surrounding me is that it is a positive step.  So this is the strategy I have taken.  First I have posted an older poem in a newer video than this to follow, as a distraction for myself away from all my shame on display in the video below.  Next, I am going to provide a good strong reason for that, in that between 2010, and 2015, the same set of facts both videos are relating to, did not change, but my own internal attitude towards those facts changed tremendously.  Getting it straight that there is a trajectory between one video and the other here, (and with the video in the footer being an even more recent version of the exact same set of facts yet again), will help you all in understanding why it is, that what went down in the events behind my whole website, can’t be entirely exposed and revealed, but what I can willing reveal I will continue to reveal.  After all, at the end of revelations it states we all ought provide our Testimonies of becoming Christian for one another, and this next video is nothing if not a part of my inner Testimony.  Thank God!