To Haggle


Today an odd thought played in my mind awhile, then slipped away as my mind fixed its attention according to the desires of that man who tends to dominate the thoughts in the head of this body.  Yet I return to the thinking process I played with, not as much because I think it funny, as because the inherent humour is informative.  I return despite the man, in spite of himself, and by another’s hand.  One who he presupposed might help himself.

My thought is that we Australians might need a lesson in how to haggle. For example, if selling something we produced, it is perfectly alright to adjust the price determined by whether or not we like the person we are selling it to. Or, often enough a haggle is guided by what the buyer’s money smells like. If their money stinks of filthy rich, then double the price, and if they seem only too poor to make the purchase, but you want to make the sale, then halve the price. Simple lessons somehow lost on too many of we Australians.

Even more pertinently, however, if we are the buyers, it is fine to offer less money and make a purchase nevertheless.  You see, if I am asserting, without so stating, but merely by my presence, that my money is good enough, because I am an accountible person at heart, then my smaller quantity of money will be enough to compete with a lot more money offered by a stinker.  Don’t let this lesson be lost.  It is the lesson we, of all people, ought well have better realised, since in the pre-history of this land, indigenous men had used psychedelic plant medicines as the commodity of trade, instead of money.  And we all ought well know of the variability of the psychedelic experience, and how necessarily it defines itself via environmental setting, as well as individual mindset.  Obviously money we may receive from a good accountible man, is worth more in hand, than money of the same contractually stated written value, received from a theif.  Just as a psychedelic trip is worth more in company of a good Shaman whose providence is being proven.

Neither let the lesson be lost, as to how we might have compared ourselves to others.  For example, are we living adjacent to neighbours with much more monetary wealth than ourselves, or neighbours with much less monetary wealth than ourselves, or neighbours with comparable monetary wealth than ourselves?  You see, if we harbour the self belief, in being worth as much in our heart of hearts, as the most well to do persons of formidable monetary means beyond our own; well then surely, anybody we might have looked down upon as worth less than ourselves, could conceivably be equitably worth as much.  Eventually it is inevitable that we all realised monetary value is disconnected from value in reality.  And between now and then, the longer it takes us to so realise this fact, the lesser we find we are valuing our own ability to love.

And as I wrote these words, that man who had tended to dominate the contemplations of the head of my carnal body, causing me contemplate money I never myself gained by such contemplations, disproved himself as formidably as anybody with more money ever was want to attempt dominate our collective consciousness.  You see, he uses me to blame anybody who believes me, as if believing in me becomes him and his errors of hand, and yet in that fact, whoever he blamed always had gained of him in me, whatever it was he wanted to be.  King of psychedelia indeed.

But be that as temporal and transient as you yourself believe you could in fact take some of his responsibility for me out of his hands.  As my experience is of the lowliest of junkies, having sustained himself in well paid work, simply by providing for me briefly, and at great expense to himself, his family, and potentially entire friendship network.  But at such expense perhaps only because he chose to give me his money rather than spend it upon me.  A talent only my very lovely mother and father could, as yet, inhabit.   And bringing to mind the cause of my writing, being promoting the cause of haggling.  Would that any man ever had attempted to haggle over me, he might have needed haggle in kind, above cash.  Meanwhile I seem to belong to the Nation State, whose economy provides for me, and yet as it was via giving me money, I am in the minds of many, as if their whore, and trash.  Proving only why men pay tax.

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