Westerner Mindset Mess Test


Western Mindset Mess Test

Whereas to haggle never was read

By mindsets of Westerner’s test

Which asserted the demented bent

As if tradition the undignified ring

Of educational level corrupt think

Yet to assert our collective worth

Might we find undermined our berth

Aboard the ship of true human rights

Prefer we keep in silence the night

And let haggling forsake no light

Because no foregone conclusion ever could

Perceive cause distinct from effect that would

By design break out in Heavenly mirth

Noting so very well what story lands first

While love’s silent spell descends upon this good Earth

When that “we did it” – “to educate”

Was what undoes how well we integrate

We prove nothing less than all nation states

Means military and monetary the fate

Of whatever next how to legislate

Legitmate sacred medicinal status

Of evolution’s constant ability reinstate

And another one after the other’s place

All substance by which the mind wake

Neither pen nor sword yet love situate

All the while how The West

Did legislate false what best

Adopted now all around

That illicit drugs abound

And proven in many a crowd

I think the truth I may have found

Behind why The West too proud

Meanwhile individual mindset fetched

The story of how science experiments

That be it not I to be who divulge it’s

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