Poem of Anti-Christ’s Wife


Poem of Anti-Christ’s Wife

I woke up, in the middle of the night
Dreaming what will be just right
Is to announce out my fight

That he who made me
In every way ungodly
Refusing God’s love in belief
He was always his own defeat
In having made me here bleat
I am running yet with the sheep

Yet by now I need believe
In enough men who had need
Know the man who made me
Made himself anti-christ by belief
As will be reflected through me

Of experiential reality…
Untold horror of mind bound me
…Yet I know prayers save me
And Jesus defines all that is real
Yet that a man already did himself to steal
I had to worry about how he will feel
Until I realised how he knew he be
Quite knowingly in his own mind
And observed by two hundred of humankind
Being the anti-christ and unaligned

With neither Jesus nor Satan were his crimes
But of Babylon’s station in life to find
How the monetary world became Satan’s concern

Then while I thought I could write
In the middle of the night
In a poem to underline
His anathema imbuing all
True real Dreamtime mind mine
He acted accordingly and in retrospect I find
In belief he was determined to seek
Someway out of his bind
Of blaming myself for all his time

And he expecting of his “black” brethren
Presumed making me source of their oppression
Yet by my feminine way I am his
Meaning without in mind of is
And in mind ever of One God
For the anti-christ by now owns
His anathema woven through this poem
That it will sink like a brick
Built of stinking old shit

And catch itself in knowing
No way out of this my tree of knowledge
Without belief in me and you
Is it we who knew

And of my pen the words I write I wish be few
And yet I find more than I might like to have written
Now inside the cover of bedside table reading
And again if you believe in me having written
And I believe in you who read
Well then it be we who
We are who we are who
We were in being who
We knew

And if you’ve forgiven me then I’ve forgiven you
And thus by simultaneous concentration yet it be
That within all we need is no blame in all together
We knew