Bunya Down The Road


When humidity hangs in air heavily low

And warmth thirty eight in shade of day

Lingered around approaching midnight where

The Bunya drop nuts and parrots play

Down the road it can be found

In consternation of a mind somehow bound

Might be words around about how

Such heat as escapes from the words now

Could in truth be of and from

Faster vibrating particles than

I don’t know what

Causing slight the breeze will sooner come right down

To Earth as if to cool the word of love down

Yet since vibrating particles all around

Through dense heat yet penetrate cicada sound

Be of mind two discreet phenomenon that surround

Me in my concentration thinking aloud

Since the densities of vibrations be

Inversely proportional in thought to the

Densities of particles we believe

That thus be the difficulty

Of such heavy humidity


Who on Earth might we be

If too proud to enjoy evening breeze

And cicada sounds abound

Down the road from

“Bunya” being another word for tree

Into where I have found

Words weaving heaven into poems none too proud

The more certain in fact stated

The less clear deposits may have weighed in

Informing internal mind of the mayhem

In vibrating air that heats the despair

Of going troppo none too rare

Where we dare not eat such nuts

As resin fills higher air