fully full

And then I realised my mistake

One hot Aussie Summer day

Drinking tea of Santo Diame

Chewing Acacia leaf in shade

Of this honey mountain same

In that by all the man had made

He’d done upon his own touch

And then also his touch stayed

Of this one carnal body’s grave;

My own home known

In such as was a man’s love

While he rejected me and lost

His right to his manhood’s need

I believed well yet in his life

Flowing through me in time

Even as I write;

And instead I became the seed

Of Papaver somniferum weed

Unto which I’ve no need bleed

Since of all the men who know me

And are familiar with my terror

And he the only man whose deed

Lead him to her through me;

While every other I believe

Of the many he corrupted through she

As if they’d prove his hand be me

All other who encountered her

Had of her before meeting me

And had by her become disabled

Even as he hoped for himself to be;

And yet in his having done

Me become her his opium won

Manifesting by his hand every seed

Thereafter his losses became in love

And are unto another woman who

Applied unto all whoring his sum

Total conviction in his worth

Upon my own mind turned tough

Poor fellow wanting only my worst

Comprehension of all possible

Future learning to unfold;

Of his fears the worst of

I did not disclose was

Nothing at all to believe;

While the grave he wanted digging

Became his before with shame paved

Mine too as of opium’s way

Tried having me pull the trigger

As if a whore all my days

Hence the name I am given

Babylon and brave

This day still in his possession

With DMT coursing through me

Letting him have his say

My poetic bone for he pay

While long ago in Babylon I know

Every whore’s name and sow

Through my verses his

Deeds their same;

While I never yet hold in mind

The many incarnations in time

Inevitable between now in this life

And when heaven again will find

Reason blessing me a human form abide;

As nice as I am

There is this mountain

Of microbial lives

Needing of my incarnating

Between here and when next time

Life grants such delightful weight

As the chance to try live truly human

Living up to Jesus promise

Everlasting I believe no slight;

Needing only abide in time

Those microbial lives

In that by accident

The anti-christ made me quite.