Lettered is as Well

lettered is as well as, . . .


The fact I am literate is hardly the point here.

And yet I am that, and as well as being literate, I wrote a letter recent, and put it in the post.

It is a letter addressed to various communities of persons, some of who are not literate, yet are persons I hold in high standing as intelligent and having devoted their lives to learning.

They know what their land is needing.

There are two versions of that letter here, one at each of the buttons below.

One version is as sent in the post on paper, and the other version is what I changed so as to send also via e-mail.

The addressees are traditionally oriented indigenous australians whose lands have been already in use to grow illicit cannabis crops, often to the detriment of their family structure.

This is a difficult letter, except inasmuch as that it is a simple communication of fact.  But the context is so complex as that I doubt many persons other than traditional indigenous will comprehend the reasoning behind much of what the story is behind the facts.

Please if you want to read one or other, and preferably both, of these letters, be patient with yourselves, as you read, be patient with me, and try restraining from passing judgement, at least until you arrive at the end of reading both versions.

A Poem Composed To American Reading

There are certain
Aspects of the cultures
Of all indigenous persons
That survive the domination
By those foreign nations
In recent history of
This Earth’s places

Such domination exemplified by
Creole languages place in
The way we all communicate

In the kinds of speech
That become common place
Sustaining long indigenous grace
Within grammar forms and
There be something of a poetry
Defined by the land

Whilst as for the words
These come and go as heard
And are ruled by domination
Of economic station
And when it comes to these
Words from England if you please
Many North Americans with
We Australians share

But as for the common voice
Of our respective lands
While vocal dominion belong England
The culture of the indigenous
Defined in stories older than ancient
Tends to yet command a touch
Of substantial difference

That by focus on the word
We tend let in absurd
Presence of cultural assumption
Of one another thus

Here I will teach
Exactly what the difference is

Whereas in America
A best foot forward is
Always the best beginning
To begin with

And following through
Always be presumed

Then not until the end
Will it be
Obvious to you and me
Whether anybody
Could substantiate in honesty
That their way they could for pay

Whilst of each and every
True blue Aussie day
We need assert
To one another
At each and every
Start we make
What of ourselves we know to be
That at fault potentially
And nothing really can proceed
Until all such confessions are deemed
To be truly solved beneath
The open face
Of falls from grace

Upon which solutions we believe
All of life will onward need
In God’s love its knowledge cede

Yet our love of God be not as clear
As what America might hold dear
By their expressions at the start
And yet in our falls
We have a part
To play in each and every day
Within the Animist base
Of culture’s indigenous face

Demanding thus
Of all of us
Whatever animal forms
Are yet still to become born
Within long established norms
Via dreams of what you are
But at the start of our communication part
When in fall
We need proceed presuming it to be
Such as I here assert
Of my own belief
That the Kangaroo
And Emu too
Upon our coat of arms are true

Thus need I announce to you
That my indigenous family see
This is as it is with me
Family in categorical kinship be
Fully versed I have the Roo by birth
As my own blood family
And as for my true
Love of every Emu
He proves to be
More spiritually
How I align
In the Dreamtime
A higher kind
Of blood they see
My indigenous family

And of all the animals
I have quite a few
Such as the platypus true
And my sugar glider too

So let me now tell to you
Now you know what to do
If I by accident
Transgress you
What it means to be
An Australian to me

Is self acceptance of this state
Of potential falls
From God’s Grace
And then to need to work to prove
How it be
We already knew
By our culture being truly blue
For this land’s dominant story will do
And is the Rainbow Serpent who unto

A snake of course
And between you and me
Mine the red bellied black
To beware of in me
For its food are those more venomous
Of snakes I eat my fill
To be here so capable
Of words of truth you read
Designed by me
That both it be
The Australian and American needs
In how to sequence truth
I cater for to ensure
Stories will get believed
To be sure to be sure
Call for the encore

For I heard long before
Of the Book of Mormon score
An indigenous Christian dream
About America being the land
Some say dominated grand
But by deep felt humility
Governed through good story
Told in patterns of the Jew

And this in common with me too
For sure enough the Emu be
Of my true humility
A Jew in Spirit truth

Whilst of the Kangaroo
His story is also true
But of course belongs with Joseph

Yet between you and me
How I might take in these
Two animal dreams
Makes me
Not quite so plain to see
As the Jew I truly be
And by tribe not all of us
Will want you to know it of us
Which animals belong in family
While through my own home town
Travels ole Koopoo the Kangaroo man
Whose story will be believed
If not at first he had no need


He, wanting to be
Better than all the animals
Makes a quite prayer
For such purpose rare
And dreams a true dream
Then next of him is told
He gets a bit bold
And digs a big hole
In the riverbank,
Or so it is told

Making a large pool
For his family playing real cool
Always with enough water

But just enough
For here water can be rare stuff
And then eventually it dries up
But maybe one day will flood
So listen up

For Koopoo the Kangaroo
Digs his hole
A bit too deep
And it becomes dangerous
Too dangerous for this to be
Pass-time among Kangaroo family

And then one day
God answers his prayer
But to make Koopoo so great
As being the best animal mate
God sends the dogs to this land
And the dogs had the plan
And chased the Roos all over the land
Into its every corner

Yet from everywhere all around
How Kangaroos now abound
Is by dominance in our grammar
Of popular vernacular
And the forms that inform
What in stories will belong
The Kangaroo went wide and far
The words to fetch from in guitars

Then that old man Roo
He knew just what to do
For this dream is his
I am telling you
And with a dog at his tail
Biting hard
He did avail
Himself of his own waters

Then, that old man Roo
He knew just what to do
For this dream is his
I am telling you

And with a dog at his tail
Biting hard he did avail
Himself of his own waters
After running long he jumped and
His tail with the dog
Biting hard it stretched out and
He hopped such a leap
As is his treasured feat
Each giant hop of the way
To this very day
Landing in his own waters
He sinks and
Becomes at bottom
Rainbow Serpent

And upstream from he
There comes to be
A small rock wallaby
And black snake the fee
To understand me

For believing the indigenous
Of this land I love best
I traveled back to my home town
And Koopoo the Kangaroo
His story came around



I could have instead
Identified with humanity
In story of another land
Further away and yet the same
For example alike Kunti
Innana, and Ta’mar

But find myself I want to have kept
The way of the animals
For these marsupials of my land are
True of bodily belief
Spirit of Emu beneath
Surviving the dominion and grief
Of England’s words we all now speak

And of the snakes we have killed
Poor English adder extinct now
While here in Australia
Not until passed already the danger
Will we tell our real truth
With stars above our homely truth

That as we communicate
With all of the Americas
Be prepared to wait

Before trusting what Americans state
As we wait for American ends
And certainty they know their fee
Before we will begin

And America waits for our will
In story telling a beginning
Now begun well

(… upon which solutions we believe
all of life onward need
in God’s love its knowledge cede…)