No Knowing Poem Known

your know really know” their chant went in my head

While I thought “NO, their meaning went bent”

Since my “no really NO” in origin that I have sent

And two positives making positive tends

Prove that a positive read of what negative means

Will not let my “no” bend;

Whereas their “know” was never my flow,

Of real meaning being,

No, I do not know,

And neither could let any will show,

When bereft a man’s obedience into One Love,

Was the flow of my “no” that which will neither “know”;

And if by crossed wires the show,

As if I no really know and yet know really no,

In which either agree with my own disagreement shown,

Neither disagree with agreeing one of three of unknown,

Quantities of nonsense unsewn,

By electric measures truth flown well by now blown,

And yet of what but ought not we all have known,

Be that I do not if no real know knows real no,

Neither can be who the do does into doing when,

Know real no went no real know,

While as for knowing versus how nothing known knows no thing and denies within “no”,

Best believe my “no I do not know”,

Since knowing I might not have done once a “no” was nothing I don’t know,

And yet by my word I do not know,

Ought but that by my knowledge I have known

Was there a CARC I seemed to have need have flown

As if by such means when rather unseen

Will we all one day come clean

Since the world insists upon nothing too mean

Being what will my One Love in reality

That I am a new “NO” message come down

About how no body known heard a true new word flown

Do Nothing Yea Who Enter Here (written in Canberra)

So in this daft dream of the inside of another dream inside of the dream of my brain being my brain,
I have found a set of unforetold correspondences to be very strange,
Between one old acquaintance and another
And as in that in friendship I’ve had nothing to offer,
That they’d better now believe me that they don’t really want to have to have seen me
With the persons who conduit love all in between,
What life is and what it may seem,
And thus it was discovered of me
That a man had believed himself better off if he ended with me
As if ending this bodily life permanently might be the last he’d know of me
And also his own strife,
And yet I will not find fault with he,
Since sure enough his innocence is every dream
That to realise exactly what I may mean
Might risk unravelling your own self belief in your being,
That if it happens to be that I informed anybody
Of what went down as I believe
In as much as how that an innocent man acts
In his attempting to kill me caused known facts of renown,
Of the dismissal of the Australian Government here in this town,
Elected in the early 1970s time before now,
And now why on Earth have I wondered how
Can anybody Australian have believed we had found
True believers in love are running our country bound,
And my wonder became as explicable as that it is me
Becoming inexplicably still living is as I feel and I see,
Since what tried to kill caused the dismissal
And why I’d not write
Yet of the string in which is why
Cause and effect in my witness bind
Of the very many words in mind
I think we all had better off find
At least a few words embedded in rhymes
And my own life somewhat strangely alive when and if exemplified