Off with the Faeries

A time, upon

Once being now

I thought of myself it be right

I correct the fatal imaginings of many

Around and about my own life.

Thus I type here now, that once when three years old, I sat by accident, into a bucket of heated water and became stuck.  I remember the blisters.  I remember it was all my own silly fault, since my mother had told me not to go sitting on the nappy buckets with lids right beside.  I did not remember what need nevermore be mentioned about circumstances surrounding the incident; at least not until who had hurt me was definitely dead.  The result, is that my pelvic floor prolapsed, age 3, nearly 4 in fact.  It stayed that way, for exactly thirty years.  And when the prolapsed state of my muscles became corrected, it felt like a miracle.  It was a spontaneous, unexpected, and much appreciated miracle, over a meal, received immediately after being given a carving which is a replica of the Ancient Sumerian carvings with pictorial illustrations of the story of Innana, accompanying the cuneiform tablets with the written version.  The story of Innana tells of a similar miracle.

I am by now, 49.  Making me only 19 years old in years of having a working pelvic floor, and the years since the first miracle which corrected that prolapse, have been hard, yet always miraculous, with one miracle after another inside my own witness.  And if anybody wants to know any more about my life, you might have to know of me, that there was someone who had tried to portray me, as though the thirty years with a prolapse, (“convicted by the Holy Ghost” as is said more politely in Christian contexts), were merely caused by my family having let myself, when three years old, become a wanker.  A man did that to me, and the only reason I am warning anybody, is because, if you happen to have laid the blame upon me at any time, for anything at all, he wanted that you also might blame me for the bucket of hot water as though wanking.  Please be careful, in that the caution to never agree, needed to be, that you never agreed with he about me.  And if another miracle will help me now, it might be that every red flag alert in the sky, is an illustration of another time when someone accepted the responsibility for how that one man had blamed me, within very specific language, specific to the place, at the time of, each red flag in our collecting dreaming, becoming placed.  In such facts as this, no more worries might we all now need, if only everybody can . . .

. . . understand if I tell you that in Jesus I place my belief, . . .

. . . I have held within the same reasonable reason as men whose lives are lived in the street, . . .

. . . and men whose belief in Jesus is bound, within indigenous cultural form and who have found, Jesus just one among all ancestral Spirit beings whose lives leave, their imprint upon the Earth and thus within all of our dreams, . . .

And even those most opposed to Jesus Kingship among indigenous, have also considered his reality to be their own, since each one among, all indigenous Spirit beings, have at one time or another, by now already shown, allegiance to his role in how all life became as it is, and so, . . .


Coco’s Intelligent Interest

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