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And as for the taster below,

Oh My God,

Ohm Y(g)od,

I do not know,

but that I wrote enough slow.



Giants grinding in the ocean
Giants grinding salt
Once upon a time
Giants thrown off a boat

Yet back at the land
Anti-christ cures us all as ham
For his purpose of to eat
Whomsoever he imagined the police

Pre-supposing in his ponder
That one day soon yonder
Everybody will have found
All were fallen on his grounds

And yet meanwhile his assault seeks
Prevent all minds who might yet speak
Of another future further beyond
After we pass through crucifixion

A future found beyond Islam’s pond
These words you knew bridge across
Yet in Christ we knew thereafter was
Whatever somebody hurts now from

Since when everybody was her thing
The anti-christ ruled as king
But no more a king can slaughter all
Than kings will find their kingship fall

These words my clues to prophesy
To how reading all at once reveals
How salt grinding giants in the sea
Now prefer no more upon pig feed

That one day original sin our blood
Will be not more than caused the flood
And upon the boat that Noah built
Salt cured ham pushed overboard still

For when is already now
That the anti-christ finds out how
Our innocence he sought to hate
Forever already Christ’s resurrected state

And since he claimed as Satan’s gate
After instructing giants in salting fate
I think he’ll find his own will out
More Christ defined that we know about