I usually prefer writing poetry than prose, however I have written quite a lot of prose also, between 2003 and now.  Some is badder than my poems, and some is better than my poems.  Some is in Facebook notes, some is at the Allpoetry website, some is in the academia dot edu website, and some is in the web log of my other website, and perhaps also at lulu dot com are words of prose by me, perhaps still worth reading, and found via either my name or those letters of this URL:curaezipirid.  These links here now for anybody wanting read more, are those most up to date and at least in part curated:

You may need be logged into Facebook yourself to access

Not in fact ALL poetry at

Although no Academic myself, I got raised to think like an academic, thus when I write, although challenging those boundaries, I also promote a cosmopolitan approach to how we read, by sustaining a mind towards being inclusive, even of those accustomed to believing in only the Academic, and thus at this URL is evidence of me as well

Then last but not least of these links here now, is

Also trying a google search of “curaeziprid”, might find more.  However, much of got written during mild dissociative psychosis, in part as means of managing that psychosis, and none is particularly easy reading.