This website is, that it is, just a bit random of me to have produced.

Nevertheless here it is.

Also random of me, is my other website, with some odd random pages, about myself , and as is my education also random.  Or so seemingly.  In fact, I prefer that I believe I have been as obedient as proven I could be, to what God’s will is that I be.  And within God’s will, I find myself wanting here today, in a somewhat random way, produce a website page which states why my educational achievements appear incomplete and at random.

The explanation is as simple as that, I found myself experiencing educational qualifications to have all had within, (at least for me myself and as yet nobody could prove to me different for themselves), a set up, by which it was expected of me, that I might have a look into the future at a future possibility, and rather than praying the future will be well accounted for before arriving in, it was expected that I land into a faulted concept of future possibility, as if in future I might become more wrong than at present, (yet as if in future other persons around me might prove to me their own guilt about why I became wrong: and of their lives, I will not let that be that they could so find fault with me, as if to have wrongfully found fault with them).  Instead, I believe God’s will in my life, is that I blame nobody, and find all faults are able to be forgiven.

Thus please read me knowing you are in your central core of unique being, innocent.  And if you seek to find fault with me, knowing I will not fault you, that matter will be between yourself, your guardian Angel, and either Jesus or Satan, depending upon who your own guardian Angel is allied unto the work of here at Earth, and God.  We are, none of us, ever going to be alone, especially not in how we have found anybody to be at fault.  I caste no blame within knowing love from above is all the more real, in finding no fault.

There is stick as well as carrot in such love, yet without the stick, the carrot can only lead us along into its own illness in the end.  And if I am more than a donkey, and you might like to know my story, please click the link above, knowing this is a random coincidence of God’s love.

Perhaps to be followed one day by further random coincidental placement of internet content into this random web page.