This page will be for links to all my SWAY files, and as many will be embedded as I might find a way to let one wordpress page in the wordpress theme in use, hold.  That might be only one per page, in which case, this page will have a second  version which is a weblog just for SWAY files, perhaps.

Start with this link, at any rate.

Next is this link, which is an expanded version of the first, now inclusive of Logos needing a speed read, (or press pause).

And here follow a set of linked SWAY files that I remember making as a series of sequential parts of one story, I wanted communicate online.

And just in case, those turn out to be not such a good starting place as you need, try this link, that is the first sway file I made for my other website, as an experiment in finding out why somebody recommended embedding sway files into a wordpress weblog, as way to achieve the greater goal, of my communicating the story, starting where it began in the form of a weblog, about how, sometimes in this modern day, we still live life stories adhering to ways of old, even within Christendom, and in this case a story of becoming “Shaman”/”Ngungkari”/”kediatchure” person.

This link follows on directly from the previous, (so you will need to have used the back button in your browser, before reading this one, in consecutive order of the story as it may unfold).

Next is this link, called “Just as long as, (part 1)”.

And following now is this link, called “Just as long as, (part 2)”.

And then here is one about somebody other than myself, who became briefly terribly infamous, in the first half of the twentieth century, and about who I think I may safely state my point of view, enabling his name fade into the background of the many lives he assisted approach learning God’s will.

“Now the end part” is a link that marks the end of my first website build process, of my other website, at www dot matildaswaltz dot com.

“Modal Posed Foe” . . . tying an ongoing process into it’s start.

Now following, are simply those SWAY files made to post into Matilda’s Waltz’s weblog:

Made as my online Christmas card for all contacts online, Christmas 2016.

My “No Money In Jesus” need be read to be about Spiritual Healing.

“Lie Be Naught”

“Atop Qaf”

“No New Cute Move”

Bog Oak Pig, . . . (although not in origin my move, one I copped the lot for, of, and from)

“WHATEVER BE REAL AND TRUE WITH ME: aka One God is many and many gods are One, an essay in which I am defining an aspect of my belief in the book of Revelations.

A Poem named “Fiendishly Responsible”

My personal favorite of SWAY files I made to date, called “The fishiest solve politics ever had”.

The unclear images in the video embedded in this SWAY file, are of tiny creatures who live in almost all water, are created by God in silica, thus see through like glass, and called by men “diatom”

THE MIGHT OF MIGHT: words of prose and poetry I wrote after I thought I could write no more, and yet by the hand of the Almighty, all such words as I write will be judged above me.