Worst Case Scenario


Please note that I did myself prefer avoid uncovering these facts, and will not judge anybody involved.

This web page contains real case history, of two discrete cases, in which a few simple therapeutic interventions got made towards enabling the drug addicted fellow, in each distinct case, find his own way into a recovery. The big difficulty was, that both addicted fellows, had relied upon my own wherewithal, making a number of very personal disclosures, exclusively to myself, but when my internal witness was proving in every example of any dream, and every associated psychedelic assisted vision, that one fellow’s drug habit had caused a terrific worsening of the other fellow’s, yet by no means had the fellow who worsened the other fellow’s habits, become the cause of. Rather both men’s problems are still today being proven to have been caused, by a third fellow, who also made significant disclosures to myself, of his own drug related health care concerns. I treated all three men’s physical health care needs with homeopathy, and each responded positively to the homeopathy. Not everybody can accommodate the mental composure necessary to engage a positive response to homeopathic prescription, and therefore, all three of these persons, deserve the attention paid to themselves, of having an extremely psychologically difficult circumstance and having developed habits conducive to sustaining the sanity they each still now today are inhabiting. Yet none of these three fellows proved to be already living in a circumstance conducive to rehabilitation of their habit patterns, and enabling of a recovery, and all three are still using narcotizing substances. The one man who proves to be causal to one of the other two, having worsened the third man’s disease, I will leave all reference of out of this page, and have encouraged both other men to avoid thinking of his input. One of the other two fellows this is scenario I will describe is about, happened to meet the man causal to much of the circumstances of the predicaments of both these fellows, (although the other belonged within the same social network as the man causal, he had the wherewithal to avoid the company of). My two fellows described below, did not, and can not now ever meet. To clarify the point of describing their health care predicaments, I am not going to provide the detail of which man worsened the other’s predicament, but will place two buttons at the bottom of this page, for you all to check whether your guess is correct. It is that the man who is more the genuine victim, is proving who is more able to sustain himself now without opium derivatives, that this worst case scenario set of facts, becomes relevant. In general, recovery from any pattern of substance misuse of opium derivatives, was possible in the longer term via harbouring no certainty as to the causal relationships of all matters involved. All three have at one time, asked me for some help to manage their health.

Fellow two:

Had a heroin habit costing him $500- per day, at the peaks of his substance misuse;

Came from a good family background, despite his fears of the abuse of another family member;

Became exposed to illicit drugs age twelve;

He had received a brain injury in his mid-thirties, associated with the behaviour of buying illegal drugs, and spent six months on a morphine drip and then got given a prescription for high doses of morphine, which could have lasted his whole life, except that repeats of his prescription were removed when he got caught selling a whole prescription;

Had spent many years homeless, and more in prison, where he had gained the highest social status awarded one another, among prison inmates;

Had only one brief period of waged employment in his youth;

Had good social habits of self care, always wanting his experience of those in his immediate company to be enjoyable;

Had a delusional belief that developing alcoholism might be preferable to his heroin habit;

Had epileptic seizures uncontrolled by medication, but also sustained general good health, worried more about a family history of heart disease;

Has the habit of helping out strangers having bad experiences of illicit drugs, by his prayers;

Had been supplied free LSD when sixteen, by heroin wholesalers who then proceded to engage in ritualized abuse, entrapping him into the habit of working for themselves;

Cites cannabis as his preferred habit, and method of pain relief, which he needs in particular after an epileptic seizure;

Doubted the efficacy of the homeopathic treatments provided, until experiencing a resolution of mental ill health he had been accepting would be with him permanently, and shows signs of improving in his general capacity to think through how to respond more successfully to the legacy of his previous substance misuse pattern.

Fellow one:

Had a heroin habit costing him $200- per day, at the peaks of his substance misuse;

Came from a good family background, despite his fears of the abuse of another family member;

Became exposed to illicit drugs age twelve;

Previously he had received narcotics associated with a circumstance during which he had suffered a brain injury, age nine;

Had spent a few years homeless and none in prison, although both his brothers had been prison inmates at various times, and had influenced his habits;

Had sustained himself in employment during most of the years of his substance misuse;

Had overt social anhedonia;

Had all the symptoms of severe alcoholism;

Had a congenital liver condition causing frequent inflammation, and water in his lungs;

Had experienced extensive use of all available psychedelics in his youth, including LSD, psylocybin mushrooms, and Datura stramonium, and also an extensive access to knowledge about harm minimisation, yet had sustained the symptoms associated with Hallucinagen Persistent Perception Disorder ever since encountering Datura around the age of fourteen;

Has the habit of helping out strangers having a bad psychedelic trip, by advising belief in God;

Cites cannabis as his preferred habit, despite showing signs that he dislikes the experiences associated with;

Despite responding positively throughout homeopathic treatments, was unable approach the psychology necessary for himself to accept his need to work harder towards his recovery.